Beauty&tips/Consejos y belleza

Realistic tips to have long nails, beautiful and natural

These tips are for those girls / women who want long nails but do not want them or gel or porcelain or anything like that. Also for those who have been long nails but they break when cleaning the house or working. These are tips I’ve been getting through my own experience:

1. ” Do not let them grow like crazy.” Do not let them grow up and forget them. You must file them every day * VERY IMPORTANT * for what little they grow not ‘smash to pieces’ to avoid you cracking.

2. You must always wear a coat of clear nail polish or hardener. That will withstand more contact with the water and not soft.

3. When you paint it. you must then remove the polish very well, leaving no Rests. Do you must paint over another polish.

4. Before paint them any color you will have to apply clear nail polish or hardener. This will prevent yellowing and subsequently will be easier to remove the polish.

5. Are you housewives? No problem. Secad your nails with a hair dryer when finished tasks.

6. At first it is better to file them into squares to make them more consistent.

Well I think that’s all, I’ve been writing on the fly I hope I do not forget anything.

I hope you like! CdR.


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