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How to save money on makeup!! | Fashion Addicts

Good tips to save money on makeup:

1.Lipstick as a blush

2.Black and brown eyeliner pencils to create a smokey eyes

3.Vaseline on eyebrows to keep it in place

4.White eye liner pencil as a highlight

5. Brown eye shadow as eyebrow powder and as a bronzer.

6.Only three brushes to do all of your makeup:

1 BEVELED BRUSH to apply the eyeliner up and down ,to apply highlight in the corner of the eyes, for line the lips,line the brows, and put the concealer at the circles.

2.BLUR BRUSH to apply the eye shadows,do the smokey eyes,to apply the highlight at the brows bones, and for contourn the creese of your eyes.

3.SKUNK BRUSH to apply the foundation,to apply the blush,and make the contourn of your face.

That’s all the brushes you need.

/made by Fashion Addicts


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