4 presents for xmas -online shopping

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1.Temporary tattoos. Tatuajes temporales.

So trendy and so cool.

Muy bonitos para sesiones de fotos.


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2.Necklaces with your name. Colgantes con tu nombre.

Too personal and unique. Regalo muy único y personal.


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3.Candles with a jewel inside. Velas con una joya dentro.

These are candles with a silver jewel inside…it’s a candle,a surprise and a jewel that still forever.

Es una tienda de velas de muy buena calidad y además llevan dentro una joya de plata con valor de entre 10 y 250 euros aprox.


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4.Original items to make DIY,decorate tapes,scrapbook notebooks… Cositas originales muy económicas;cuadernos,estuches,cositas kawaii,postales navideñas,celo decorativo..



If you want different ideas, check this blog…http://dodoburd.com/best-christmas-gifts-2014

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5 dresses under 50 for new year’s eve

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Find this dresses in:

First dress: shopakira.com

Second: desireclothing.co.uk

Third: yoins.com

Fourth: vessos.com

Fifth: lookbookstore.co

These are the outfits I think work so well for this new year’s eve.These are for all kinds of styles.

The first one is the sexiest and I think works very well with a tiny necklace.

The second one matches with these earrings.

The third is the cutest and I think this ring is so cool with it.

The fourth is a matching dress and this is for lazy people 😉 I think is a good option at all scenes.

And the last one is the most daring but is one night and who one cares? With this necklace is a great mix.

What’s the best?